Radia Shaker is aware of the sensitivity of its customers regarding the information provided and attaches great importance to the protection of this information.

  • Personal information collects when you open a membership account via; To make your use of the site practical, to complete your orders, to deliver the products, to give information about the campaigns and promotions, to better understand your shopping preferences, to communicate about your order, to produce products, to make statistical analysis and surveys, to update our site, to strengthen the security of the website available. By visiting you agree to the terms and conditions of your privacy policy.

  • The personal information of customers, cannot be viewed by any internet user, cannot be shared with third parties and cannot be sold for commercial purposes.

  • The information belonging to the members can only be disclosed to public authorities if requested by official authorities in accordance with the law.

  • Transport of the information received via is provided by SSL technology standards. In order to understand this technology when performing your credit card transactions, you need to have the https://... statement in your address bar.

  • Security related to your credit card is provided by the maximum security system offered by the bank and it is directly in the POS system of your bank.

  • Your credit card information is not recorded in any way by Radia Shaker Foreign Trade and Marketing Ltd. Sti.

  • In case of forgetting your membership password, a password is sent to your e-mail address which you have shared during registration and maximum security of your entry is provided.

  • Radia Shaker always has the right to revise and amend its privacy policy when necessary. You can see the current policy review date on the page. As long as you continue to use the site up to date, this means that you accept this policy.

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